Special Education

To provide leadership, support, direction, and specialized knowledge to students, staff, and families in order to empower and inspire students to become creative, confident, contributing, and respectful citizens.

All students will reach their individual potential/preparing them to live a meaningful and productive life as integrated community members.

We Are Committed To:
  • Providing a continuum of services
  • Providing options of instructional models to meet the needs of individual students
  • Providing early learning interventions
  • Collaborating with general education teachers to support and ensure access to general education

Contact our department and let us know how we can be of assistance to your family.Patty Kimmel, Director of Special Programs

Patty Kimmel

Director of Special Programs, McKinney-Vento and Foster Care Liasison

Sue Foy

Special Programs Department, Secretary

Cathy Rutt

Special Programs Department, Records Secretary