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Ellensburg School District and the Transportation Office are proud to offer "Parent Portal". Parents everywhere are wanting app-based access to transportation information, from bus and stop information, to the near real-time location of their child’s bus. Parents will now have the information they need in the palm of their hands. Please review the information below and learn how you can set up your Parent Portal access or Click here to watch a video.

Please feel free to contact the Transportation Department with any questions at (509) 925-8100.

2023-2024 Bell Time Change for MSE and INAE

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Safe Transportation is our #1 Priority
School buses are one of the safest modes of transportation. Caring drivers, extensive driver training, high quality standards for school buses, and good student training are some of the things making school bus transportation exceptionally safe.

Safe transportation depends on the support of our parents.

Success on the Bus

The most important thing your student can do on the bus is to listen for the school bus driver’s directions and to immediately follow them. The bus driver will let students know what they need to do to be safe.

Bus Rules
  • Driver is in charge of the bus and passengers and their directives must be obeyed the first time they are given
  • School bus drivers often arrange assigned seating
  • Students will follow emergency exit drill procedures as directed. Students shall not tamper with emergency doors/equipment.
Passenger Safety
  • Students must stay seated quietly in their seats, facing forward while the bus is in motion and are not to get up until the bus has come to a full stop
  • Students must keep the aisles and emergency exits clear at all times
  • Students may take only those musical instruments that can be secured on the student's lap or between their legs and that won't disrupt the loading and unloading of students
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • No bullying of any kind
  • Be courteous, refrain from the use of profane language. Profanity directed at the driver will result in a bus suspension.
  • Students shall observe classroom conduct while on the bus. Noise shall be kept to a minimum, and no obscene gestures.
  • Windows may be opened with the driver’s permission. Windows will only be opened halfway and are to be closed at the request of the driver.
  • Keep all body parts inside the bus
  • Do not throw trash on floor or anything out the window
  • No talking or distracting sounds will be made while bus is at a designated railroad crossing
  • Give proper name when asked
    *Refusal to give driver proper name will be an automatic suspension
Stop Assignments
  • Students are not allowed to depart the bus at any stop other than the assigned stop without prior permission from school office via parent/guardian
Prohibited Items on School Buses
  • Eating or drinking on the bus is prohibited
  • Students are requested to limit cell phone use on the school bus. If the cell phone becomes a problem, students must obey the driver’s directive to contain it out of visibility.
  • No breakable, sharp or bulky items. No items can be brought on the bus that cannot be placed on the floor between student and wall.
  • No weapons, firearms, flammables, skateboards, rollerblades, balloons, body sprays or lotions
  • All forms of animal life (except service animals)
  • No tobacco, drugs or alcohol products, or ignition source of any kind allowed on the bus
  • No laser pointers
  • Parents/guardians will be required to pay for all damages for which their child is responsible
  • Load and unload in an orderly manner and remain within the bus driver's view at all times. No pushing or shoving.
  • Arrive at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to bus arrival time
  • Students shall cross in front of the bus only after verifying it is safe to do so and after obtaining the consent of the driver. They must watch for driver’s signal before crossing.
  • Never cross behind the bus
  • Students shall stand away from roadway or curb when any bus is approaching or departing a bus stop or school
  • Students shall not check their mail while the bus is at your stop
  • Once the bus doors are closed and the bus is leaving school or the morning bus stop, they will not re-open the door for late students
  • Students shall never chase a departing bus
Consequences if the Rules are Broken
  1. Verbal warning (parents are often notified)
  2. Immediate consequence (separation from friends, for example)
  3. Misconduct report
    **Misconduct reports tell what happened, what should have happened, and what consequences will result.

    Each misconduct report comes with a consequence, usually:
    1. Warning (non-severe rule breaking)
    2. 1-3 day suspension from the bus
    3. 3-5 day suspension from the bus
    4. 5-10 day suspension from the bus
    5. 10-45 day suspension from the bus
    6. 45-day suspension from the bus
    7. Expulsion from the bus for the remainder of the school year
  4. Misconduct reports will be mailed to your mailing address. You may also receive a phone call.

Bus Route Assignment

Students must be pre-register to ride the bus EVERY YEAR before they may be allowed to ride. Routing efficiency is based on the specific requests submitted. Please use the Electronic Routing Request form found at bottom of this page. If you are having difficulty, please contact Transportation.

Please communicate address changes to your student’s school before requesting routing changes. Allow up to five (5) days from the time you request to the time your student may begin riding the school bus.

Students are assigned to one bus stop in the morning and one bus stop in the afternoon. Students are assigned Elementary routes within the boundary of their assigned school. Any daycare addresses being requested must be within their student’s school Attendance Zone.

Route Numbers

Students are assigned to buses by Route Number. Route numbers are posted on the black and white display to the left of the bus entry door. Route numbers are not the same as bus numbers.

WSP School Bus Stop Rules
The Washington State Patrol would like you to take a few minutes to refresh your knowledge on how to drive safely around buses as they are picking up and dropping off our children.

The law states the fine (up to $500) for failure to stop for a school bus cannot be reduced, suspended, or waived. Any school bus driver can report you. If you get a ticket for failure to stop for a school bus, you will pay the full amount.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to practice safe driving, especially when children are present.

For more information about driver safety, visit www.wsp.wa.go

School Delay or Cancellation

Students may be delayed due to a school bus breakdown, an accident, or another kind of emergency. In most emergency situations, students will be delivered to their planned destination following the emergency.

In the Event of a Transportation Emergency

  • Remain calm
  • Do not attempt to pick your student up at the location of the emergency
  • Be ready to meet your student at the location where you had planned to meet him or her before the emergency
  • Be available at one of the phone numbers on file with your student’s school
  • Follow directions given by District officials