Transition Information

Ellensburg School District transitioning program serves students with special needs between the ages of 18-21 years old. The purpose of this program is to assist students transition smoothly to having a job, living as independently as possible, and community participation.

We believe that each student is gifted and can become a valuable asset to the workplace as well as the community. We provide instruction in independent living skills such as social skills, organizational skills, cooking, budgeting, and transportation by providing opportunities within our community. We believe that through community-based instruction and employment, each student can lead a full and successful life.

Trained job coaches will work with students by providing:
  • Task analysis
  • Support to employer
  • Transportation
  • Mentoring
The desired outcomes for students graduating include:
  • An active, viable, and continuing personalized transition plan based upon the capacities and interests of the individual student
  • A portfolio of community and work experiences
  • An established network of support that continues with a student beyond their exit from the school system
  • Active engagement in a weekly schedule of meaningful work and community activities ("places to go, people to see, and things to do")
  • Individualized and student-centered — Activities and services need to be flexible and based upon the unique transition needs of each student. Student choice and self-advocacy are critical elements to successful transition.
  • Person-centered planning — Person-centered planning meetings will be held at least annually to ensure that the wishes and choices of the students are known to those in the student’s support network
  • Community based and inclusive — Students will participate in planning, activities, and services that promote membership and active participation in local communities. Local communities become the classrooms for instruction.
  • Collaborative — Transition is a shared responsibility. Schools, students, families, and agencies need to work together for effective transition outcomes.
  • Family sensitive — Schools and adult systems should consciously listen to student and family values, dreams, and choices. Parents need early and ongoing information, education, and support as they learn about, negotiate, and engage both the school and adult service systems. Transition Open House will take place every month to help all parents in the school district be well-informed about resources available.
  • Age appropriateness — We encourage age appropriate behavior, activities, dress, etc.
  • Law of Natural Proportion — We try to venture out into the community as individuals, pairs, or small groups
  • Effective (outcome based) — Activities, experiences, and services should lead to tangible and valued transition outcomes that can be measured. The key outcome is a schedule of meaningful community based activities.