Inclusionary Practices

Ellensburg School District Inclusion Grant
The Ellensburg School District has been awarded a two-year grant from OSPI to increase the number of general education, special education and English Learners (EL) teachers providing services to students in an inclusionary format within the general education classroom. The $48,000 grant provides opportunities for general and special education teachers and administrators to access professional development opportunities. For example, District teachers and administrators are able to access training in the areas of co-planning and co-teaching. The grant also provides training from Savanna Flakes, an International Trainer on Co-teaching, Co-planning Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Her training models co-teaching and UDL strategies in co-taught classes. Staff from the elementary schools and high school can observe her model these strategies in the classroom.

Year two of the grant will focus on professional development in utilizing Tier 2 social/emotional/behavioral strategies in the general education classroom. There will also be professional development in the area of high leverage practices pertaining to language acquisition and EL students.

The District Building team would like to thank parents who joined the District Inclusion team that will meet on April 9th from 3:30-4:30 PM at the Morgan Middle School Library.

Pilot Schools
  • Ellensburg High School
  • Morgan Middle School
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Mt. Stuart Elementary School
  • Valley View Elementary School

Project Goals
High Leverage Practices
Collaboration with professionals to increase student success, High Level Practices (HLP) (General Education, Special Education, English Learners)

Goal 1 (Years 1 & 2):
Increase in the numbers of students receiving Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) with an LRE of 80%-100% per school.
School # Baseline Percentage State % Increase # (students) Increase %
Ellensburg High School 45 of 90 50% 41.30% 10 61%
Morgan Middle School 60 of 106 56% 39.10% 10 66%
Lincoln Elementary 34 of 57 59.60% 58.50% 10 77%
Mt. Stuart Elementary 35 of 59 60% 60% 10 77%
Valley View Elementary 39 of 75 52% 51% 10 65%
Breakdown of 80%-100% by Disability Category
Specific Learning Disability (SLD) 95 40.77%   Hearing Impairment (HI) 36 15.55%
Autism (AUT) 22 9.44%   Communication Disability (CD) 55 23.60%
Developmental Disability (DD) 20 8.59%   Emotional Behavioral Disability (EBD) 2 0.87%
Orthopedic Impairment (OI) 1 0.42%   Health Impaired 1 0.04%

The project will emphasize two areas of high level practices. These include collaboration with an emphasis on the use of co-teaching and the use of professional learning communities to review data related to student progress in reading and math.

Year 2:
The second year will emphasize co-teaching with EL teachers, special education, and general education teachers. The goal will be for an increase of the number of EL and dual-qualified students receiving EL and SPED services in co-taught classes in an inclusive classroom, as well as improve the number of students passing the English Language Proficiency Assessments (ELPA).

Number of ELs not exiting services after 5 years (K-12), 2018-2019. 74 of 241 students (did not exit services).
  • Ellensburg High School — 76.9%
  • Morgan Middle School — 61.5%
  • Lincoln Elementary — 10.1%
  • Mt. Stuart Elementary — 13.8%
  • Valley View Elementary — 12.5%
2017-2018 Dual-Qualified Students:
  • Ellensburg School District — 25.2%
  • State Level: 16.74%
Total EL Students per Elementary School:
  • Lincoln — 57
  • Mt. Stuart — 70
  • Valley View — 41
Total Dual-Qualified & SPED/EL per Elementary:
  • Lincoln — 9
  • Mt. Stuart — 8
  • Valley View — 10

Goal 2
EL: High leverage practices establish consistent, organized and respectful learning environments. Increase number of students under the categories of autism, EBD and Health Impaired from a baseline of 13% to 18% in a general education setting 80%-100%. Data indicates that students in qualifying areas of EBD, Health Impaired, and Autism are the students that are not integrated or included in the general education classrooms. The Ellensburg School District is providing some professional development opportunities in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS). This grant will target High Leverage Practice 7 with an emphasis in data collection and interpretation, with an emphasis in Year One.

Year 2: Year 2 will emphasize Tier 1 and Tier 2 practices with an emphasis on school-wide practices, classroom management, and an emphasis in Tier 2 interventions such as Check and Connect, behavior contracts, self monitoring, school/home note system, dependent group contingency, choice-making, non-contingent reinforcement, small group social skills. EL teachers will be included in the training and will bring information regarding cultural values and student behavior through an equity lens. Goal will be updated based upon results from year 1.

Goal 2 (Years 1 & 2):
The district will build capacity for dual-qualified ELs to pass the ELPA21 by 8th grade. Current baseline 61.5% have not passed the ELPA 21, grades K-12. Decrease to 41.5%.

Goal 3:
Increase number of students under Autism, EBD, and Health Impairment from a baseline of 13% to 18% receiving services in general education glasses.

Goal 4:
EL/Dual-Qualified — There will be an increase in the number of EL dual-qualified and EL students receiving services in the general education classroom from a baseline of 0% to 60%.

Professional Development
This grant will provide training from Savanna Flakes, an international trainer on co-teaching, co-planning and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Savanna will be in our district on June 4th and 5th. Savanna will model co-teaching and UDL strategies in co-taught classes at Morgan Middles School. Staff from the elementary schools and high school will observe her model these strategies in the classroom.

District Inclusionary Team
  • Patty Kimmel, Director of Special Programs
  • Kelly Kronbauer, Executive Director
  • Jennifer Kuntz, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Trina Lanegan, EL Specialist
  • Katrina Brooks, BCBA
  • Mary K Pratt, Assistive Technology
  • Beau Snow, Ellensburg High School Principal
  • Michelle Bibich, Morgan Middle School Principal
  • Rob Moffat, Valley View Principal
  • Kathi Keefer, Mt. Stuart Assistant Principal
  • Christina Moorman, SPED Teacher
  • Dr. Yukari Amos, CWU, TESOL Bilingual
Building Inclusionary Team
  • Ellensburg High School:
    • Beau Snow, Principal
    • Garrett Harris, SPED Teacher
    • Kathy Brennan, SPED Teacher
    • Lynda Chaney, EL Teacher
    • Shanalyn Knackstedt, Gen. Ed Teacher
    • Daniel Barrera, Gen. Ed Teacher
  • Morgan Middle School:
    • Michelle Bibich, Principal
    • Stacey Wright, SPED Teacher
    • Hanna Fredeen, ED Teacher
    • Meagan Ransier, Gen. Ed Teacher
  • Lincoln Elementary:
    • Joanne Duncan, Principal,
    • Christina Moorman, SPED Teacher
    • Trina Lanegan, EL Specialist
    • Shelby Wedekind, Gen. Ed Teacher
  • Mt. Stuart Elementary:
    • Kathi Keefer, Assistant Principal
    • Kathy Dixon, SPED Teacher
    • Pearl Rossi, SPED Teacher
    • Michelle Rossow, EL Teacher
    • Cynthia Hilburn, Gen. Ed Teacher
  • Valley View Elementary:
    • Rob Moffat, Principal
    • Kelie Hyatt, SPED Teacher
    • Yoko Allen, EL Teacher
    • Dan Shaw, Gen. Ed Teacher