Rights, Responsibilities & Due Process

It is the intent of the Board of Directors of the Ellensburg School District that all students, teachers, administrators, and parents have access to and understanding of the state laws and regulations governing student rights, responsibilities, and due process in accordance with WAC 392-400.

Responsibilities, Rights, & Authority
A primary responsibility of the Ellensburg School District and its professional staff shall be the development in students of an understanding and appreciation of our representative form of government, the rights and responsibilities of individuals, and the legal processes whereby necessary changes are made. The school is a community and the rules and regulations of a school are the laws of that community. All those enjoying the rights of citizenship in the school community and whose conduct away from the school may adversely affect that community, must also accept the responsibilities of citizenship. A basic responsibility of those who enjoy the rights of citizenship is to respect the laws of the community.

Students must be mindful that the exercise of rights implies the duty not to abuse those rights. Students do not have the right to diminish, passively or actively, the right of other students to an orderly learning situation.

Ellensburg School District Student Rights & Responsibilities Policies