New Student Enrollment

Welcome to the Ellensburg School District, we are excited to work with you and your family as your child grows and develops in so many ways in the years ahead. While the academic skills they will develop in school are important, we emphasize a “whole child” approach to education. Developing social, emotional and academic skills throughout each day, our schools work to create a culture of care and relationships. Those relationships serve as a foundation for learning and growth in students. We promise to do our best to care for your children and to offer them a balance of great opportunities to learn in many different ways. Thank you.
          ~Rob Moffat — Valley View Elementary Principal

School & Class Placement
One of the first and most frequent questions we get as families are entering our school system is that of school placement. Ellensburg is a unique district in that there are no school boundaries to dictate which students attend which school. We work to meet the requested placement, but in some cases, school balance requirements may prevent it. A number of considerations are taken into account as placements are made, including address, requested school, previous siblings that have attended, and documented hardships to name a few. If there are siblings currently attending an elementary school, the incoming kinder student will attend that school. Once kindergarten students have been registered, they will be divided into three groups, one for each of the elementary schools as the balance requires. Individual schools will communicate the assignments by mailing welcome letters to families that will attend each of the three schools. Specific class placements will be made by building teams and those assignments are communicated soon after school has been released for summer. Having a sibling at Ellensburg High School that will provide transportation to a younger sibling does not qualify as a hardship.

Early Entry
The Ellensburg School District does not allow students to enter school unless they are five years of age by August 31, 2020.

Out of District Enrollment
At this time, out of district students are being accepted. When a student resides in one school district, but prefers to attend another one, families begin the process with the school district they reside in.

Take a Virtual Tour
Current ESD Families
For families who already have a student(s) attending the Ellensburg School District, you will link to the Ellensburg Student Enrollment portal through your Skyward Family Access account.

Once logged in, under Home, select Ellensburg Student Enrollment. On the Summary Page select Click to Enroll Additional Students”, which takes you to the application form.
Please Note: All sections and additional district required forms will need to be completed before the enrollment application can be submitted to staff for consideration.

For registration assistance, please call Sarah Hatfield at (509) 925-7316 or email