In the Classroom

When I was in school, tech was an event. You went to the computer lab, you watched a video, and you did an experiment with probes. What I see now, are teachers fully integrating technology into the curriculum to enhance what the students are learning. It is truly amazing!

Part of what has always made tech so engaging is the "newness". Harnessing student engagement in order to increase learning is our goal. Ideally, we don't have one-off's that don't have a curricular tie or activities that exist in isolation.

The goal is that we meet each teacher with their technology skills and needs, just like the teachers and para-pros meet their students, where they are. Part of this process can be "team-teaching" in the classroom and teach the students about tech and the classroom teacher supports and helps students. The benefits to this are great for learning! First, the students across the district receive consistent instruction. Second, the teachers are able to learn right along with the students! No additional training!

Fifth Grade 3D Printing
They are doing a motion and design unit and have begun working with to design their own prints. Talk about STE(A)M real life applications! The students are engaged and working with their brains in new ways. Students who may struggle with math on paper are great at the application to 3D models.

In the Ellensburg School District, we believe that technology is a tool that, when integrated well, can offer students limitless possibilities for expanding learning

Other Technology Elements Team Taught in the Classroom This Year:
  • Google Apps
  • Prezi (alternative presentation software)
  • WeVideo (video editing)
  • TypingAgent
  • Quizlet (flash cards, and game type software)
  • Kahoot (gameshow practice)
  • Lego Mindstorms (you'll need the hardware!)
  • Seesaw