Standards for Proper Device Care
Students are expected to follow specific guidelines listed below and take any additional common sense precautions to protect assigned devices. Loss or damage resulting in failure to abide by the details below may result in full financial responsibility. Following the standards below will lead to a device that will run smoothly and serve as a reliable, useful, and enjoyable learning device.

  • Treat this equipment with as much care as if it were your own property
  • Center your device on the desk or table; do not place near an edge
  • Never leave your device unattended
  • Keep the device away from pets, friends and other siblings
  • Bring the device with a charged battery to school every school day
  • Charge your device fully each night (establish a routine)
  • Keep your device secure at all times!!!
  • Avoid use in situations that are conducive to loss or damage
  • Loss or damage that occurs when anyone else is using your assigned device will be your full responsibility
  • Adhere to ESD’s procedures at all times and in all locations. When in doubt…ASK!
  • Never loan out my device to other individuals
  • Read and follow general maintenance alerts from school technology personnel
General Care:
  • Do not attempt to remove or change the physical structure of the device (keys, screen cover, or casing). Doing so will void the warranty, and hold you financially responsible.
  • Do not remove or interfere with the serial number or any identification placed on device
  • Do not do anything to the device that will permanently alter it in any way; including no stickers or decals on the device itself
  • Keep the device clean
Carrying the Device:
  • Always completely close the lid before moving it
  • Device must be placed in sleep mode or turned off before placing it into any bag or storage area
Screen Care:
  • The device screen can be easily damaged if proper care is not taken. Screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure.
  • Do not touch screen with anything other than approved device or finger
  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry, anti-static cloth
  • Never leave any object on keyboard. Pens or pencils left on the keyboards are guaranteed to crack the screen when the lid is closed, and voids the warranty.
Battery Life & Charging:
  • Arrive to school each day with a fully charged battery. Establish a routine at home whereby each evening you leave your device charging overnight.
  • Avoid using the charger in any situation where you or anyone else in likely to trip over the cord
  • Do not charge in the classroom! Charge at home!
  • Don’t let the battery drain below 5%. Save your work and immediately shutdown if you are unable to connect to the charger.
  • Close the lid of the device when it is not in use. This saves battery life and protects the screen.
How to Handle Problems:
  • Always reboot your device while at school first to see if the problem repeats itself. Promptly report any problems to teacher and/or technology staff.
  • Do not attempt to fix issues yourself
  • Do not go outside of the Ellensburg School District for repairs