Mission Statement

The mission of the Mt. Stuart Elementary Counseling Program is to nurture and support EVERY student in reaching his/her full potential academically, socially and emotionally. The program strives to promote and enhance student achievement by delivering prevention, intervention and referral services. It is our goal to work collaboratively with students, parents, staff and the community to provide a safe and encouraging educational experience.

Guidance & Counseling Program Benefits

1. Enhance EVERY child's self-esteem
2. Empower youth to set and reach goals
3. Increase classroom performance
4. Increase knowledge of self and others
5. Develop effective decision making skills
6. Increase leadership skills
7. Celebrate differences and learn from each other
8. Improve conflict resolution skills
9. Promote respect for ALL students
10. Increase school and community Pride


Parents / Guardians, teachers or other staff may refer a student by simply discussing their concern with Mrs. Benfield. There is not a formal process. Parents who are concerned about their child's academic, social or emotional well-being are encouraged to contact Mrs. Benfield to set up a meeting. It is our goal to work collaboratively with a student's caregiver to offer support and encouragement while they are a student at Mt. Stuart Elementary. Students are also welcomed to make appointments or stop in when Mrs. Benfield is available to discuss any issues or concerns they might be dealing with. If Mrs. Benfield intends on meeting with a particular student on a regular basis, the caregiver will be notified and consent given.

Should the scope or duration of the child's issue be beyond what the school counselor can do the family and child will be offered referrals to outside agencies to provide adequate services.

Self advocates

Children are taught to advocate for their own needs while at school. If a child needs to talk with the school counselor they can simply let their teacher know and an opportunity to talk with the school counselor can be made.


Elementary students are beginning to understand the value of privacy for themselves, their families and others. Respecting the child's (and family) right to privacy, confidentiality, is fundamental to the counseling relationship. It allows students an opportunity to share their concerns with a trusted adult who will listen non-judgmentally and help them problem solve in an environment of physical and emotional safety. Because the safety of ALL students is paramount, there are limits to maintaining confidentiality. As required by Washington State Law and Ethical Standards of the American School Counselor's Association, the following are instances where a school counselor MUST report disclosed information to the appropriate authority:

1. Intent to harm one's self or someone else is expressed.
2. Suspected abuse or neglect of a child or adult.
3. An appropriate court order is recieved and verified.
4. Legal consent is given to share specific information.

I will ask families and or the child to share information with teacher should the information be useful in allowing the teacher to assist on a day to day basis. We want to wrap care and concern around your child while they spend there days in our school community.

Contact school counselor

I work on campus each day from 8-3 pm, office phone 509-925-8428

or by email malarie.benfield@esd401.org


Kinder-1st grade-

  • Kelso's choices
  • Second Steps- Skills for Learning
  • Second Steps Child Protection Unit
  • Other lessons on: Mindfulness, self awareness, calm thinking, gratitude, kindness, problem solving, growth mindset, decision making, perseverance, social awareness, creative thinking

2nd grade- 3rd grade

  • Friendship
  • graititude
  • kindness
  • problem solving
  • zones of regulation
  • growth mindset
  • decision making
  • perserverance
  • social awareness
  • creative thining

Great books for kids on school lessons

Those Shoes book coverFantastic Elastic Brain book coverMy Mouth is a Volcano book coverThe Recess Queen book coverThe Girl Who Never Made Mistakes book cover

My Mouth is a Volcano book cover

Bubble Gum Brain book coverWe're All Wonders Book Cover

Staff Wellness Wednesdays!
Each Wednesday in the Mt. Stuart staff lounge we offer a calming space. We provide information on calming techniques and health benefits to drinking water, being mindful and offering thanks.

We know the more information and techniques we offer staff to take care of their health the more we can promote students to do the same! Each teacher was also provided tools to make a calming glitter bottle for their classroom. Also pictured are the other tools offered through the counseling office to help children active a state of calm through breathing techniques, squishy balls, play-dough, etc.