Robotics Club

The Mt. Stuart Robotics Club had another successful year. In our second year, we had 25 students in seven teams between 4th and 5th grade. The students vastly improved in their communication skills, building skills, problem solving skills, programming skills and driver skills.

53065H Sonic Sting Rays is our All-Girls Team. They consist of 5th Graders Jasmin Rivera, Gwyn Scoville, Aislin Paton and 4th Grader Melissa Sargent. These girls have done an incredible job this season earning the first berth to the State Tournament of our seven teams and winning four different awards. They have earned the Excellence Award, which is the highest award given in VEXIQ. They have also earned the Judge’s Award for their positive attitude and willingness to help others. The Design Award was given for their Engineering Notebook. And at the State Tournament, the girls earned the STEM Research Award for their robotic Monarch Butterfly idea - this award at state earned the girls a trip to the World Championship in Kentucky. #GirlPower

53065C Robo Turtles include 5th Graders Harrison Burrill, Caleb Guenther and Talon Tucker. At the State Tournament the boys were the #2 seed in the Team Work Challenge heading into the Finals Rounds and ultimately finished in 2nd place - but this still earned them a berth to the World Championship in Kentucky. This team has improved so much since September as they finally settled on a robot design that was different from others. Instead of using a chain to drive the lifting mechanism up and down, they built an arm that lowered to the exact height of the three rings on the starting peg. This design helped the boys find success in the later part of this season!

53065B Flame Throwing Flamingos include Gabe Anderson, Ayden Love and Dylan Thomassen. This team won the Team Work Challenge at the Foothills Middle School Tournament in Wenatchee which sent them to the State Tournament. At State, they also won the Team Work Challenge. For Ayden and Dylan, this win in the Team Work Challenge at State is their second win in a row - making them two-time, defending, back-to-back Elementary Team Work Challenge State Champions! They will also be making a return trip to Kentucky for the World Championship. #BackToBack

Safety Patrol:

Mt. Stuart Elementary offers opportunities for students in fourth and fifth grade to become safety Patrol members. Students who have expressed an interest and been selected for patrol will be given a training at the beginning of the patrol program. Students are put onto a patrol schedule and are expected to show up and perform roles and responsibilities taught to them. Patrol participates will be accompanied by an adult to direct and assist.

Safety Patrol offers students an opportunity to learn about responsibility and commitment. Safety patrol is offered for student safety as well as student introduction to career training. Safety patrol will have meetings as well as celebrations. This opportunity is treated much like a job and therefore will hold responsibility on the participants.

Make sure as a guardian you are practicing safety while picking up and dropping off your children!