2018/2019 School Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List

The following do NOT need to be labeled with your child's name:

6 white glue sticks (please not from the Dollar Tree)

1 pack Crayola washable markers

1 pack of Twistable Crayons (long ones please)

1 container of disinfecting wipes (Clorox, Lysol, etc.)

1 large box of snack (to be shared. please no individual packaging)

1 box of Ticonderoga pencils

If your child is a boy: 1 box of gallon Ziploc bags

If your child is a girl: 1 container of hand sanitizer

Please label the following with your child's name:

1 pair of athletic shoes to be kept at school for PE days (these can be used)

4 pee-chee style folders with pockets at the bottom

1 backpack (no wheels please)


1 pack of 24 count Crayola Colored Crayons

quart zip top bags

First Grade Supply List

These items are for community use and do not need to be labeled with names:

3 packs of pencils- Ticonderoga is by far the best brand

1 package Pink Pearl erasers

12 glue sticks

1 box of Crayola markers

1 box of colored pencils

1 box of 24 crayola crayons

1 box of Kleenex

*Optional - 2 skinny, black dry erase markers

Moore's class only - 1 container Clorox, Lysol wipes

Thompson's class only- 1 large box of sandwich ziplock bags

Mabbutt's class only-1 large box of gallon size ziplock bags

Madson's class only- 1 container of clorox, Lysol wipes

Please label your child's name on the following:


Athletic shoes to be left at school for PE (do not need to be new)

water bottle (optional)

*Because we know school shopping can be a pain, please feel free to search "Mt. Stuart Elementary" in the list and registry search bar on Amazon!

2nd Grade Supply List

These Items do not need to be labeled:

4 glues sticks (quality glue, NOT purple)

1 box of Ticonderoga pencils

1 container bacterial Lysol wipes (Dwight, Montgomery)

1 box of gallon ziploc bags

1 box crayons 24 count or less

1 bottle hand sanitizer (Montgomery)

One Crayola watercolor paint set

1 Dry erase makers

These items need to be labeled with your child's name:

shoes for PE (they do not need to be new)

One backpack

1 1/2 inch binder, white (Wichterman)

1 pair of ear buds

3rd Grade Supply List

Required for community supplies:

*please DO NOT label the following with your child's name.

4-6 packs of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga ONLY)

3-4 Glue sticks

2 containers of bleach wipes

1 box Kleenex

1 package of lined notebook paper (Burnham only)

Ziploc baggies

Girls- gallon

Boys- quart (Beeman, Ristine, Phillips) Sandwich (Burnham only)

*Please label the following items with your child's name

1 pencil box or pencil pouch NOT ones that lock or use a key

1 box of 24 color crayons NO more

1 box of colored pencils

1 box of washable markers

1 yellow highlighter

2 red pens for correcting

2 pink erasers

1 pair of scissors

3 spiral notebooks (no black covers please)

3 ring binder (1 inch)

1 package of dividers

peechee- 2 pocketed folder for homework

3 folders with prongs 1-red, 1-green, 1 blue (Beeman and Burnham only)

1 backpack (no wheels)

PE shoes (they do not have to be new)

Please DO NOT bring:

hand held pencil sharpener

mechanical pencils

You are also welcome to bring your own healthy snack each day OR class donations are always welcome

4th Grade Supply List

1 three-ring binder, 1 inch (please, no larger, they will not fit in desks)

set of 6 dividers

colored pencils

pencil pouch (not box)



1 folder with pockets

3 boxes of good quality #2 pencils (NOT Eagle brand)---- Please Ticonderoga

2 highlighting markers

2 dry erase markers- narrow tip

1 small box of markers- please no giant packs

5-6 glue sticks

pencil top erasers or large pink erasers

2 packages wide-ruled notebook paper

1 pop-up canister of disinfecting wipes

post-it notes (3X3 inches)

1 box of Kleenex

Ziploc baggies: girls-quart size, boys-gallon size

PE shoes (to be left at school, they do NOT need to be new)

a protractor will be helpful in the spring

(some supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year. A note will be sent home when we are running low. Thanks!)

5th Grade Supply List


1-1 1/2 inch binder

1- 1 inch binder

4- spiral bound notebooks

1 packages notebook paper

package blue or black pens

24- pencils No. 2 - Ticonderoga

6 glue sticks


1 set notebook dividers

2 disinfecting wipe containers

sturdy pencil pouch

large pink eraser

colored pencils or markers

ruler (not folding)


2 pocket folders

one 6"X9" steno pad notebook

3 inch post its

1 bottle hand sanitizer


1 set of watercolor paints


oil pastels