Dear Parents and Friends of Mount Stuart Elementary,


Mount Stuart parent, Michelle Hill, took it upon herself to help beautify our campus by painting one of our garbage cans. It’s beautiful! Thanks Michelle!

School Bond Update

Superintendent, Jinger Haberer, has created a School Design committee composed of 25 community and staff members to work through the design process by holding six 2-hour meetings. The goal is to establish priorities for the design of our new elementary school and the remodeling of Mount Stuart and Lincoln Elementary Schools.

Winter Weather Question

When are students kept inside due to cold temperatures?

When the outside ambient or wind chill temperature is 10 degrees F. or lower, we keep students inside.

The temperature at which schools keep children inside, is in reality, a community historical tradition. Each district or community has developed their standard over time.

I worked under a district superintendent years ago, who explained that in North Dakota, where he was raised, students were not kept inside until it was lower than -25 degrees F. A parent I knew from Florida was concerned with having students outside when it was below 32 degrees F.

Mount Stuart Parent Group

The Mount Stuart Parent Group is such an asset to our school! They are a resourceful, motivated, creative, and fun bunch of people! They meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Mount Stuart Library. Childcare is provided during the meetings. You are invited to attend.

Contacting Me

If you have questions, concerns, or good news to share with me, my contact information is below.

Dan Patton

Principal 509-925-8400