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Winter Training- January 9th Update

What we know at the moment:

Our season is currently scheduled to run from Feb 1-March 20.  I think there is a good chance this could change, and it wouldn’t be bad if it did.  A delay would mean better weather, and a chance for more competition options due to reduced COVID rates.  It is possible that we will schedule competitions with schools of all sizes in our healthcare region, which means chances to race teams like Eisenhower and Davis.  Eisenhower and Davis have announced a season of Feb 22-April 3rd, and there is a chance that we would push back to match them.

What we are going to do:

No matter what the schedule is, a good aerobic base is the most important part of running your best.  There are the same number of weeks between now and March 20 as there are in our normal fall season.  So, we are going to start group training this week.  Emphasis will be on easy runs to build our endurance and aerobic system.

What is most important:

During these challenging times, let’s remember our core team values: Character, Commitment and Community.  We can be there for each other, help each other through tough times, and support each other as we commit to consistent training.  YOU are what makes Ellensburg Cross Country special.  As we deal with the challenges and changes ahead, be flexible and positive- that is good Character, Commitment and Community.


  • We will have practice Monday through Friday 12:30-1:30 in January.  Practice times will change in February.

  • You can attend on your non-school days. For most people this will be 3 days/week.  If you are available you can attend more days.

  • We will meet at the track.  There will be locations at the track for different pods to meet.  Pods will be slightly different than in the fall.

  • You CAN participate even if you did not in the fall.  You will need a blue slip (online signup, physical and ASB card required- then Melissa will issue a blue slip.)

  • You must complete a daily attestation by 11AM.

  • You must be passing all your classes to participate.

  • Please wear bright colors and appropriate clothes for the weather.

  • I will hand out training plans for January for the days you cannot attend group practice.

  • We will be wearing face coverings at all times, including while running. I find a buff is easiest to run in.  Some people might find it easier to run with a buff in the cold dry winter air than it was in the fall.  Also, face coverings are more manageable during easy runs.  We are working with WIAA to rethink this regulation.  In the meantime, we will have face coverings.

Zoom Meeting Link for team meetings (Time TBA after Hybrid starts)

White Pass Camp Registration Link for WEEK 1

More Information here

This is a great camp! Registration opens October 15th and usually fills within days.  Be sure to sign up for Week 1.


Cross Country 2020

Cross Country is for You!

Cross Country running is an exciting fall sport at the high school. A cross country race is usually 3 miles and occurs on grass and trails. You should consider cross country for your fall sport because:

• No one sits on the bench. All athletes get to race each race. You don’t have to be a superstar to get playing time in cross country.

• You will feel good about yourself as you improve! No matter what your current fitness, you will see improvement in yourself through the season.

• You will meet friendly people. All athletes, varsity and junior varsity, boys, and girls, practice together (although some run farther). By the time school starts you will have new friends in all classes from freshmen to senior.

• And of course… cross country is FUN.

Don’t worry if you’ve never run before. Many of our varsity runners did not enjoy running until they joined the cross country team.

Team Philosophy: Ellensburg Cross Country emphasizes the three C’s of cross country:

Character- Ellensburg cross country runners do their best is all areas of their lives. They are honest and dependable. They are confident yet humble and display good sportsmanship. They demonstrate good character even when no one is looking.

Commitment- Ellensburg cross country runners give their best effort consistently over time. They know that the process of striving for excellence is what gives running meaning. They live a lifestyle conducive to high performance: good nutrition, sleep, avoiding alcohol and drugs.

Community- Ellensburg cross country runners create a unique team identity where everyone is welcome and no hazing occurs. Runners do not say “no” when other athletes ask to be included. Ellensburg cross country contributes to the broader Ellensburg community through service.

Questions: Contact Coach Hashimoto @ 933-1409 or

Pictures of Races from Mr. Montgomery at

Team Calendar: web link and ical link (this allows you to import this into your own calendar program)

Cross Country Varsity Letter Requirements

To earn a letter a runner must:
1) Run as a varsity runner at a race.
Race one race faster than 6:10/mi boys or 7:20/mi girls for a 3 mile or 5k race.
2) Participate fully in team activities throughout the season including at least one
service project (Cascade Crest, Trail work)
3) Coaches may award a varsity letter to individuals who make extraordinary
contributions to the cross country team.

Cross Country Corner

Pods Update 10/5

Paper Copy of Attestation

Safety Plan Presentation 9/24/20

Safety Plan

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