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"A good book should leave you slightly exhausted at the live several lives while reading it." -William Styron

The mission of the EHS Library is to maintain comprehensive and current resources which support the curriculum and to provide an environment which enables staff and students to become effective, independent users of ideas, information and technology for lifelong learning.

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Library Files

CWWP 2014
Documents from CWU workshop:"Short Research Projects that Support Argument"
Digital Citizenship
Internet Safety and Responsibility for teens
Family Connection
Tips and information to get kids reading, keep them safe online, the district's Acceptable Use Policy, and other important items.
JSTOR tip sheet and overview
Library TA Quarter 1
Morgan Current Event Access
Tutorial to access Proquest at the public library.

Research Tools
Jansen Big Six Research Process Organizer
Criteria sheet for argument

How to cite electronic resources (MLA)
Help with argument.pptx
Help with arguments PPT
Let’s get ExCITED!! (2).pptx
MLA Powerpoint with Constitution and Court Cases
Primary and secondary sources: what's the difference?
Sample paper with in-text citations.doc
"Baldness" Sample MLA paper with in-text citations
Source eval CARS.pptx
Source evaluation
Where can I find images.pptx
"Finding and Citing Images"
Works Cited Guidelines (MLA).pdf

MLA8 Cheat Sheet. (Basic Style)
Basic Style for Citations of Electronic Sources 2017.doc

Argument (CCSS)

Tips, examples, and help formulating arguments help with warrants/structure
Organizing and structuring an argument OWL argument help
Help with organization sample Toulmin arguments
Samples of arguments with annotations.

Author Sites

Career Websites

Career survey
Career interest survey with potential employment fields. Military
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Options after high school

Digital Book Trailers

Library Online Databases

Informational e-books for check out!
User: ehslibrary
p-word: research
user: ehslibrary
p-word: research Ellensburg Public Library
Access tremendous databases such as Proquest or Ebsco through the public library site. Ask Ms. Day or your teacher for the log in. Issues & Controversies
An argument/debate database
*remote passwords available at checkout desk.

World Book Online

User name: eburg
Password: 401online

Recommended Reading Lists

Research Help

Help with MLA documentation and writing academic papers for school.

US History CBA Resources

Links to useful constitutional issues sites Cornell Law
Search Supreme Court cases by topic. Google Scholar
Type an issue into the search bar at this site and then select either “Articles” or “Case law.” If you choose “Case law,” you then have the option of selecting a level of court. For this assignment you will mainly select “Federal.” You will then get a list of related cases. When you select a case you will see the actual decision. You may then select ”How cited,” and you will get a list of quotes of how this case was cited in other cases as well as a list of the names of cases in which it was cited. Interactive Constitution
Find debates and amendments, search court cases Issues and Controversies
Find constitutional issues, primary sources, and support/opposition. Oyez
Search constitutional Supreme Court cases ProCon
Research the debates for controversial issues
Destiny Quest: Online Library Catalog
Search the library catalog & related websites. Make an account so you can check out E-BOOKS! ELLENSBURG PUBLIC LIBRARY
Go to our city library for books, e-books, audiobooks, databases and more! MackinVia
Fiction ebooks!