Instructional Materials

Ellensburg School District (ESD) is committed to providing each student with access to high quality, standards aligned, engaging curricular materials in all subject areas. A guaranteed and viable curriculum ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to learn. 

A guaranteed curriculum: ESD ensures every student is provided the opportunity to learn a core curriculum which provides them with the probability of success in school.

A viable curriculum: ESD ensures there is a plan within master schedules , daily instructional schedules, and pacing guides to allow for the curriculum to be realistically taught to mastery levels in the instructional year.


Process for Adopting Instructional Materials

ESD is currently on a six year adoption cycle, and our adoption process is guided by ESD Board Policy 2020 and ESD Board Procedure 2020. Our projected adoption cycle by content area can be found here.

Materials under consideration will be brought to the Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) prior to Board adoption. The Instructional Materials Committee is a group made up of District and building administrators, teachers, and parents/community members. After the IMC reviews it, the curriculum goes in front of the Board to make a decision on formally adopting it.

Additionally, ESD will host a staff and community input session where they can learn more about the instructional materials under consideration prior to adoption to ask questions and provide feedback. Feedback from this session will inform the committee’s recommendation to the School Board.

Members currently on the Instructional Materials Committee:

Cathie Day - High School Librarian

Michelle Bibich - Middle School Principal

Pat Doughty - Middle School Librarian

Toni Phelps - Elementary Librarian

Andrea Eylar - Elementary Librarian

Jennifer Kuntz - Director of Teaching and Learning

Patty Kimmel - Director of Special Services

Melinda Mays - Parent/Community representative

Ian Miller -  Parent/Community representative

Nikki Scherzinger -  Parent/Community representative

Parents/community members - identified through application process and lottery selection to serve for a 2-3 year term (note: state law provides that parents must make up less than one-half of the committee).

Classroom teachers - teachers who teach content under consideration are also identified annually to serve on the team for the year


Jennifer Kuntz

Titles: Director of Teaching & Learning
Phone Numbers:
School: (509) 925-8008

Gemma Wolfenbarger

Titles: Administrative Assistant of Student Services
Phone Numbers:
School: (509) 925-8447