Teaching & Learning

The Ellensburg School District will successfully educate a diverse population of students by providing:
  • Instruction that prepares all students for productive lives through varied curriculum and research-based best practices
  • A world-class, professional staff
  • Quality experiences that develop well-rounded individuals
  • An increase in our community's pride in its schools.

The Ellensburg School District is committed to challenging students to learn more, to initiate a desire and curiosity to expand thinking, and to apply knowledge to real world settings. To maximize student achievement, we must support teachers, administrators, and parents. We are committed to having our students acquire the Grade Level Expectations from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and the state standards as outlined in the Essential Academic Learning Requirements. We provide leadership and facilitate programs related to curriculum, instruction, staff development, assessment, and technology. We are pleased to provide support to teachers, administrators, and parents to help do their jobs better.

Closure Resources
During this time, our goal is to provide learning materials and activities that can help students do the following things:
  • Review material that they may have already covered, but not yet mastered
  • Practice skills that are necessary for learning and proficiency in a particular subject
  • Engage in enrichment activities or independent projects in a particular subject area
  • Identify an area of interest in a subject area to research and explore

This approach is in line with what the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) is recommending.