Safety and Security


Beginning this year, we plan to have an increased presence from law enforcement in all of our schools. This partnership is meant to create positive relationships with students and police, ensure the safety of our students, and educate students about our local police agencies. Officers will be out on the playground, reading to kids, saying hello in hallways, etc. If you see an officer at a school please stop and say hello.

The new Law Enforcement student interest group at EHS recently organized a community service project called "Back the Blue." Through a Kittitas County grant, they were able to obtain 150 blue light bulbs from Woods Ace Hardware to give out at a home basketball game to support local law enforcement. The blue light bulbs show support for local and national law enforcement officers throughout the country. The blue lights conveys a message of respect and solidarity with officers and their families, and our community. We appreciate our great partnership with all of our local law enforcement agencies!

Dear Parents,

Ellensburg High School has emergency plans and procedures in place to protect our students and staff during emergencies. We are required by state law to practice a variety of emergency responses on a frequent basis to ensure we are able to respond if needed.

So far this year we have practiced Evacuation, Earthquake, Lockdown, and Secure & Teach (modified lockdown). We will soon be practicing Shelter-In-Place.

Below is a short description of each emergency response and some reasons we may implement it.

Evacuation: Quickly and safely exit the building, meet in a common location, and account for all students and staff. Rationale: Get away from fire, smoke, or other hazardous condition inside the building.

Earthquake: Drop, Cover, and Hold. Evacuate if/when safe to do so. Rationale: Protect students and staff from falling objects during earthquake or aftershock.

Lockdown: Students move to nearest classroom or available open lockable, staff quickly lock all interior and exterior doors. Rationale: Protect against immediate threat inside the building.

Secure & Teach: Students move to nearest classroom or available lockable space, staff lock all exterior doors and resume teaching. Rationale: Protect against potential threat outside the building.

Shelter-In-Place: Students move to nearest classroom or available space. Staff secure doors and windows with duct tape. Administration/Custodial staff turn off HVAC systems. Rationale: Protect against potential external environmental hazard (smoke, chemical spill, etc.)

Our school continues to take proactive measures to protect the safety of all our students and staff members. Please feel free to contact us if have any questions.


Neil Musser

Assistant Principal/Security & Safety Director


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