Safety and Security

We are committed to empowering our staff and students to respond to a variety of incidents that could happen in our schools. We have emergency response plans in place because we believe every student deserves a learning environment that is safe, challenging and exciting. We are committed to making our campuses safe places for students to learn.

Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy

Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Reporting Form

We believe that ensuring safety for all requires a multi-faceted approach. The physical security of our schools, training, student mental health, culture/climate, and emergency response are all critical to providing a safe environment.

Some of the strategies we have implemented to help ensure our safety are:

  • A full time School Resource Officer (SRO), stationed at the high school. Corporal Tim Weed is a commissioned officer with the Ellensburg Police Department.
  • Reserve Police Officers (EPD) are an added preventative effort to deter crime
  • We conduct a variety of different drills, in accordance with state law. Some of these include Emergency Lockdown, Shelter in Place, Evacuation, and Secure and Teach.
  • We acknowledge that the emotional and physical safety of students and staff is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Our SRO is on site in our schools and ready to respond if needed
  • Reserve Police Officers (EPD) are periodically serving in all buildings and ready to respond when present
  • Staff and students are trained to Run/Hide/Fight when necessary
  • Our emergency response procedures are standardized so that all schools use the same terminology and consistent practices
  • We have an excellent partnership with local emergency response agencies

We have a comprehensive Family Reunification protocol should the need arise. Our counseling teams in each building are ready to assist students in crisis.

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Contact Information:
For more information contact Neil Musser, Security and Safety Director

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