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Kim Snider

Executive Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Miller

Human Resource Specialist - Classified

Jody Rosenberg

Human Resource Specialist - Certified

Cheryl Lym

Substitute Coordinator

Taylor Yoder

HR Specialist

Volunteer Information

Interested in becoming a volunteer for the Ellensburg School District?

If so, please contact the School or Department/Program that you are interested in volunteering for to request a Volunteer Form. Once you have completed and signed the Volunteer Form, please return it, along with a copy of your current Driver's License, to the School or Department/Program that you obtained the Form from.

Please note: If you are interested in volunteering for more than one School or Department/Program, it is not necessary for you to complete and submit individual Volunteer Forms. The information in the database for our Volunteer Program is distributed to all of the Schools and Departments/Programs within the Ellensburg School District.

Once your completed Volunteer Form is received by the Personnel Office, we will complete the required background check, and notify the School or Department/Program of the results.

Please be advised that the Ellensburg School District does not extend Labor & Industries coverage to volunteers who may become injured while performing as a volunteer.

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