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Ellensburg School District Translation / Interpretation Services

ESD has improved our district translation & interpretation services!  Below is a new electronic request form that ESD staff will submit preplanned translation & interpretation jobs. 

Need translation or interpretation services?  Start your request here:

Additional resources available for ESD staff to access:

Linguistica International Translation Services can provide phone interpretation for over 350 languages.   Staff members will be connected to an interpreter within 30 seconds.  Please contact Monica Stebok, District Translator first to check her availability, prior to using this service.  This service is considered a last resort and only accessed when district translation service is unavailable.    ESD staff directions to access this translation service is available here:  

Group Meeting Interpretation HeadsetsESD has acquired 30 interpretation headsets to use for group meetings.  This will allow meetings to be more efficient by delivering the message in one language, while an interpreter is simultaneously delivering the interpretation in the other language.  Staff members can request this service as an option in the electronic request form.


Mrs. Monica Stebok


Ellensburg School District

509 925-8042 (office)

509-312-5029 (cell)