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Health Concerns and Medications at School

Washington State Law RCW 28A.210.320 states that any child who has a life-threatening condition is required to have a medication order, the medication and a nursing care plan in place in order to be admitted to school.

Does your student need an Emergency Care Plan (ECP) or an Individualized Health Plan (IHP)? Will your child need a plan in place to keep him/her safe and teachers informed during the school day?

If your student has asthma, life threatening allergies (foods, nuts, bees), epilepsy, cardiac issues, diabetes, encopresis, or any life-threatening condition, the school nurse will need to have an ECP and/or IHP on file prior to the first day of school.

Below you can find the appropriate forms needed, or contact your school nurse for more information.

Sarah Eslinger

Valley View Health Assistant

Kate Johnson

District Nurse

Carol Oldham

Valley View and Developmental Preschool Nurse