Ellensburg Learns Together

To support families during the reopening process,

Ellensburg's educators are exploring innovative ways to approach teaching and continue supporting all students.

Current Covid-19 Reopening/Safety Plans & Communications

Reopening Plans and current COVID-19 Information

Current Information

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Hybrid & Virtual Information

Get the latest info about plans and guidelines surrounding Hybrid and Virtual Models.

Hybrid & Virtual

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Attendance Guidelines

We want our Families to know that our traditional attendance policies are back this year. We are asking families to ensure their students engage in their learning, whether it's over the computer or in person.


Support for Online Learning

Find tips, ideas and approaches for successful online learning.

Get Support

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Additional Supplemental Resources 

Find optional programs, activities, and online libraries for students.

Explore Resources

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Meals for Children

Meal assistance for children 18 and younger is available throughout the summer months.

Meal Information

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Childcare service providers are available to support families during the coronavirus crisis. 

Childcare Info

Special Programs

Information regarding Special Education during


Special Education COVID Information