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Dear ESD parents and staff,

With the holiday season near, I am thankful for the gift of having caring and committed ESD educators and staff who inspire creativity, promote academic achievement and develop systemic ways of meeting students’ social and emotional needs.

Together we have much to celebrate, especially the passing of the ESD Bond Proposal in November. The monies from this bond will allow us to build a new elementary school and implement much needed renovations and repairs to Mount Stuart and Lincoln Elementary Schools.

In January, I will be reaching out to various community groups, parents and staff to identify the values of Ellensburg patrons concerning these new construction projects. It is an exciting time. Additionally, it is important for all stakeholders to have a voice in the development of brick-and-mortar schools that provide innovative spaces for our students to learn and thrive.

Other new developments include the actions of our district-wide committees. These four multi-stakeholder committees are exploring future possibilities as they relate to the district vision and goals, budget planning process, types of teaching and learning and legislative proposals.

Some of the emerging themes surrounding ESD’s vision and goals for the new ESD Strategic Plan include:

1. Prepare students for lifelong learning

2. Challenge and motivate students with the ability to reach their full potential

3. Empower students to monitor their own progress

4. Give students opportunities to explore different paths and be prepared for “Life After High School”

5. Empower students to be able to apply their knowledge across various content disciplines

6. Help students to develop good citizenship and be engaged in the community and world

7. Enable students to be socially and mentally prepared

8. Develop the 21st Century competencies

9. Support the whole child and inspire

10. Promote relevant activities in the schools.

We will be distilling these ideas down into specific vision statements and goals during the next few district-wide committee meetings. In February, I will ask for your feedback (through a survey) on a final draft that will be constructed by these committees.

The goal is to have the ESD Board of Education approve our new vision and mission statements and district-wide goals by the beginning of March. We will then begin the process with school personnel to construct strategies to reach these designated goals. The final set of ESD goals that will be approved by the ESD Board of Education will significantly guide the work of our district.

Thank you for your daily commitment to inspiring students to reach their potential and for being amazing members of our ESD Team!


Jinger Haberer

Jinger Haberer

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