Lincoln Elementary School Construction

Project Information

Location: 200 South Sampson Street
Square Footage: Additional approximately 6,000
Classrooms: 21 classrooms K-5 with classrooms for learning specialists
Student Capacity: Approximately 450 students
Funding Source: 2018 Capital Bond Project
Construction Management: OAC Services, Inc.
Contractor: Garco Construction
Anticipated Completion: Fall, 2022

Project Overview

Renovate 450-student Lincoln Elementary school. The planned renovations are:
  • Approximately 6,000 sq. ft. addition
  • Remove portables currently used as classroom space
  • Abatement, based upon HazMat report
  • Install new elevator
  • Construct a new gymnasium
  • Relocate the cafeteria and kitchen to existing gymnasium location
  • Relocate the library and music room to existing cafeteria and kitchen location
  • Full mechanical, electrical and plumbing renovation, including fire suppression
  • Upgrades to current Washington State energy code
  • Additional seismic mitigation, as necessary
  • Interior classroom and hallway space renovation
  • Additional off-street parking, including additional drop-off/pick-up spaces
Lincoln Elementary

Lincoln Elementary School Project Overview
The original 49,706 square foot two story building was constructed in 1948-49. A 1,060 square foot administrative addition was added in 2014. The site is approximately 4 acres in size and urban-residential in nature.

The renovated Lincoln Elementary school project is proposed as a 450 student, 56,000 square foot K-5 school located on the existing Lincoln Elementary site. The renovated school would contain general classrooms, resource rooms, library, kitchen, gymnasium, commons, music room, administrative, counseling, and educational support spaces.

Prior to the renovation work beginning at Lincoln Elementary the students and staff will relocate to the New Elementary completed at North Cora Street. Students and staff will be temporarily housed at the new facility while the existing Lincoln Elementary structure will be abated and renovated. After completion of building and site renovations at Lincoln Elementary, students and staff move back to the renovated building.

Lincoln Elementary Value Analysis
Prior to the planning and visioning process documented in this educational specification the District charged the project/construction manager, OAC Services, and Integrus Architecture with evaluating the original 2018 bond plan and validating the budgets and projects proposed.

The District project/construction manager, architect and structural engineer have reviewed in detail the original building construction documents and several engineering reports dated 2003-2015 to assess potential design and construction challenges. Of particular note were the reports recommending several projects to improve-upgrade the seismic condition of the structure. The documentation contains descriptions of several projects that have implemented these recommended projects, dated 2003-2015.

As part of this process, the design team reviewed the building condition assessment report for Lincoln Elementary School and determined that the original 1948 construction has significant remaining residual value to the community and District. The existing structure and systems would require significant alterations and updates, but it is proposed that this structure remain.

Renovation Explanation
As part of a comprehensive planning process for November, 2018 Capital Improvement bond election, Ellensburg School District has commissioned a study of Lincoln Elementary School to determine the feasibility of fully modernizing and adding necessary new construction to Lincoln in order to create a fully updated elementary school for 21st Century education, which will meet the needs of the Ellensburg community for many years to come. Lincoln Elementary was originally constructed in 1948-49 and is 49,607 square feet in size. It is a two-story building with low slope roofs. The classrooms are arranged along a central corridor with the administration, gymnasium, and music room (originally a locker room) forming a north wing. The cafeteria and kitchen are located on the east side of the building as a one-story wing as well. The site is approximately four acres. As such, on-site parking and playground areas are limited. Compounding this problem are three portable classroom buildings that sit at the south side of the site. Two covered play areas are located on the east side of the building one near the kitchen, and one near the gym. Because the kitchen is situated where it is, a delivery drive bisects the existing play area, creating a substantially dangerous risk of accidents. The building is fairly close to the street on both the west and north sides.

The new design is based on the list of program spaces with an ideal capacity of 450 students based on the number of classrooms, specialty spaces, and sizes of core spaces (gym, administration, library, etc.). Combining the existing renovated spaces with new construction, the design includes a total of approximately 56,000 square feet. The plan organization is heavily influenced by the desire to construct a new full-sized gymnasium. The existing gym is undersized, even for an elementary school and would be very difficult to enlarge in place. Therefore, the design indicates a new full-size gym to be constructed. The cafeteria and kitchen would then be relocated to the gym’s previous location, taking advantage of this space’s volume and better location on site; deliveries would no longer need to cut across the playground.

The library and music rooms would be moved to the previous location of the cafeteria and kitchen. This floor level would be raised to a level that would allow access via an interior ramp. The administration area would remain in its current location. In general, the classrooms would still be arranged along the central corridor, but reconfigured to maximize their size. Small group break-out spaces have been accommodated at several locations along the main corridor.

Additional off-street parking would be constructed west, creating a new visitor parking and parent drop off driveway. Bus traffic would extend along Capitol Avenue on the north side of the school. Existing outdoor hardscape play areas will remain intact, as will the open green space areas.

The building will be required to meet the building envelope performance requirements of the current Washington State Energy Code. Abatement will be completed for the entire facility. Among other things, this will require all new thermal insulation (walls, floors, perhaps roof) as well as replacement of any windows, which were not replaced as part of the recent upgrades. In general, there are several seismic upgrades, mostly related to the unreinforced masonry walls that are required to bring the building up to a safe level as well. Finally, a completely new Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing system will be installed replacing the existing infrastructure, to include fire suppression.