Ida Nason Aronica Elementary School Construction

Project Information

Location: 2100 North Cora Street
Square Footage: 55,690 sq. ft.
Classrooms: 21 classrooms K-5 with classrooms for learning specialists
Student Capacity: Approximately 500 students
Funding Source: 2018 Capital Bond Project
Architect: Integrus Architecture
Construction Management: OAC Services, Inc.
Contractor: Garco Construction
Anticipated Completion: Winter, 2021

Project Overview

Construct a new approximately 54,000 square foot, approximately 500-student elementary school on a 29-acre site. The current educational plan is to house kindergarten through 5th grades. The facility will house general classrooms, secure entry, a gymnasium, interactive educational/outdoor learning and play areas, a warming kitchen, cafeteria, administrative and counseling offices/spaces, and site improvements include landscaping, new utility services, pedestrian, traffic, life safety circulation and parking. The project site will include coordination with many on and off site local, state, public utility and federal stakeholders due to the site’s perimeter boundaries a State Parks and Recreation recreational trail; an Ellensburg Irrigation Ditch channel on the property’s east boundary; several Bonneville Power easements on the north and west boundaries, an onsite City of Ellensburg’s 1.5 acre well easement and a 1.7-acre characterized wetland. A City of Ellensburg 8” sewer main is constructed and bisects the property perpendicular from its southern to northern property lines.

New Elementary School Project Plan
The New Elementary school project is proposed as an approximately 500 student, 55,000 square foot K-5 school on the property purchased by the District in 2018, located north of the Palouse to Cascades Trail just north of the existing Mt. Stuart Elementary site. The new school would contain general classrooms, shared spaces outside of each classroom cluster, special educational and support rooms, library, kitchen, gymnasium, commons, music room to accommodate the music, and orchestra program, administrative, counseling, and educational support spaces. Once the new elementary is complete, students and staff of Lincoln Elementary will move into the new facility while Lincoln Elementary is being renovated. After students and staff move into the new building, final site and playground landscaping will be completed, approximately in the location of the existing school.

New Elementary Schools
  • Build a new approximately 500-student elementary school on District owned property near Mt. Stuart Elementary
  • Seek continual feedback from the community on the school's design throughout the planning phase