Community Schools & Facility Use

Ellensburg Community Schools is a part of the Ellensburg School District and schedules school facilities for community activities, organizations, and agencies. The District appreciates the community's continued support and believes by assisting local individuals, organizations and agencies a more vibrant, vital, and informed citizenry will develop. In addition to assisting local groups, Community Schools also organizes adult and youth classes and activities.

The goal of Community Schools Program is to assist and facilitate community social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities that will help create a special environment to live and learn.

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  • Office and Scheduling — (509) 925-8017
  • Activities — (509) 859-6354
  • Jeff Whitney — (509) 201-6355
Facility Use — Expectations & Responsibilities
The following is a list of expectations that individuals and groups using Ellensburg School District facilities are expected to follow. Failure to follow these expectations could result in the loss of facility use privileges.
  • Adult supervision of participant and non-participant children required at ALL events
  • Abide by timelines of usage
  • User responsible for access and keys (on non-school days)
  • Replace equipment or furniture when used or moved
  • Pick-up litter/empty all trash to the dumpster (as appropriate)
  • Clean all spills
  • Sweep gym floors and clean bleachers
  • Flush all toilets and urinals
  • Prior to leaving, check for unauthorized personnel (the supervising adult should be the last one out)
  • Secure all doors and windows
  • Turn out lights
  • Leave space ready for school
Facility Usage Application

Jeff Whitney

Director of Community Schools