Tech Mentors

Technology Mentor

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Purpose: Increase technology skill familiarity by working toward a common technology goal.

Rationale: In order to best increase technology skill familiarity, staff will need support from district leaders and technology mentors.

Each technology mentor will be assigned a small group of teachers based on survey results and a technology goal set by the teacher.

The mentor will:

  • Meet with the other mentors to plan and prepare a half day training for their small group (half day subs for 6-8 mentors)
  • Work with their building administrator to schedule a half day training for their small group. (half day subs for whole staff--roving subs)
  • Set up optional group meetings once a month.
  • Touch base monthly with group members about progress towards their goals.

Other duties:

  • Chromebook assistance
  • Primary site technology contact for their small group
    • Able to respond to basic troubleshooting tasks within the classroom including issues with Google Apps for Education, and/or Chromebooks

Possible goals for teachers:

  • Manage devices in the classroom
  • Improve classroom communication with parents
  • Grade electronically
  • Increase student practice with academic language
  • Differentiate instruction with technology