Excel High School

At Excel High School we believe that all students can learn skills that will impact their lives during and after Ellensburg School District. We believe in empowering students to find meaningful learning experiences that enhance their development through structured educational pathways.

Excel is a learning environment built specifically to student learning needs and upholds rigorous academic standards needed for future school and work success.

Andrew Ponchene, Instructor andrew.ponchene@esd401.org

Jeff Treadwell, Instructor jeffrey.treadwell@esd401.org

Savannah Carlson, Instructor savannah.carlson@esd401.org

Christina Moorman, Instructor christina.moorman@esd401.org

Courtney Schrader, Counselor courtney.schrader@esd401.org

Michael Johansen, Counselor michael.johansen@esd401.org

Lisa Berthon, Counselor lisa.berthon@esd401.org

Jeff Cochran, Principal jeff.cochran@esd401.org

Julia Karns, Referral Coordinator julia.karns@esd401.org