Alternative Ed Grants


Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT) Grant from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

This grant will provide training for staff and community members over the course of three years. The grant will utilize "Youth Mental Health First Aid", "Question, Persuade, Refer", and "Hope Squad" to help provide the district staff and community members with a common language to support students in mental health crisis. In addition to the trainings, all students will have the opportunity to go through a screening process to help identify students with mental health needs that have gone unidentified.

As we know, no system is complete without a method to getting students the help they need, so this grant also includes two positions to support finding services for students. There will be a single Referral Coordinator for grades 6-12 to intake referrals and make a team determination of next steps to support the student. There will also be a Project Assistant to support project goals, training scheduling, and meeting schedules.

This grant is for three years and provides $125,000 per year in funding.

Center for Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI) and Washington State Healthcare Authority

This grant is a planning and implementation grant. It continues the work that our "Recovery School" task force started and will focus on community coalition and capacity building. To start, the grant will fund one position to support the community coalition's efforts towards a strategic plan for supporting all learners.

This grant is for two years and provides $100,000 per year in funding. If everything goes as planned, the grant can continue for an additional three years.

Office of System and School Improvement from OSPI

This grant will help support students in our ALE programs. In our Personal Learning Center we currently only have one ESD staff member supporting 36 students, their written student learning plans, and the state requirements for ALE programs. Through this grant we're adding a para-professional to support student needs for 20 hours a week. In addition to staffing, teachers at Excel and PLC will receive some math training support since that is an area in which students are currently struggling.

We're also adding a program to track ALE program requirements in a single location. We're currently using a combination of Google Docs, Google Forms, Microsoft Word and other offline methods to track student documentation.

This grant is for one year and provides $20,000 of funding.

Education Foundation Mini-Grant

We have applied to the Education Foundation for support with making the environment at Excel more inviting for students. Currently, with our split schedule many students leave after their day is done. We'd like students to stay so they may work on school work, make positive choices, and feel more connected to their school. This grant will help support that by helping shift a classroom space into more of a "commons" area for students to hang out.

This grant is for nearly $2,000.