Alternative Education

In the Ellensburg School District, we believe in meeting all students at their level. As part of this belief, we have programs to support students wherever they may be in their educational journey. In our two programs, students learn in a different environment and at their own pace. Students make progress towards graduating with a high school diploma.

All students can learn!

Students in our alternative programs come from various backgrounds. Many students have struggled in the standard large high school. Our two programs, Excel High School and Personal Learning Center both offer alternative methods to instruction.

Personal Learning Center (PLC) is housed in the Methodist Church across the street from the public library. The program is primarily online based with teacher support. In this program, students, parents, and teachers create a Student Learning Plan. This plan guides the learning and the time spent in the classroom. Students in grades 6-12 may attend.

Excel High School is housed on the campus of Ellensburg High School with it's own entrance and area. The program goes daily and operates on a project based learning schedule. Students from grades 9-12 attend.