New Student Enrollment

Welcome to the Ellensburg School District! 

We are currently accepting new student enrollment applications through our online student enrollment portal for both the current 2020 – 2021 School Year, and the upcoming 2021 – 2022 School Year.  Please be advised that enrollment applications for the 2021 – 2022 School Year may not be processed until late spring – so we are asking for your patience in these situations.

For parents of kindergarten students for the 2021 – 2022 School Year – we are asking that you wait to submit your student’s enrollment application until after the Kindergarten Registration Event that will be held in late March or early April. 

The Ellensburg School District has three elementary schools – Lincoln, Mt. Stuart and Valley View – serving students in grade levels kindergarten through 5th grade.  In the enrollment portal, kindergarten students are represented as grade K1; and on the school selection drop down, students in grade levels K1 – 5th are represented by ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS.  Parents/guardians will be provided an opportunity to select their top two choices for which of the three elementary schools they want their student to attend on the Supplementary Enrollment Form I.     

Morgan Middle School serves students in grades 6 – 8; and the Ellensburg High School serves students in grades 9 – 12.  In addition, we have two Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) programs; our PLC program serves students in grades 6 – 12; and Excel High School serves students in grades 9 – 12. Admission into these programs is based on referral from our comprehensive schools.  For more information on our ALE programs, please contact Jared Bronkema, ALE Program Principal at (509) 925-8181.

Submittal of the following documents is required prior to the school district approving your student’s enrollment application:


Proof of Student Age/Identification:   Acceptable forms of documentation are an original or certified copy of a birth certificate; hospital birth certificate with a hospital seal; previously verified school records; or other official/legal identification that includes student’s full name and date of birth. (Please note that Washington State Birth Certificates are available for purchase ($20.00) through the Public                                       Health Department (962-7515).  For out-of-state- birth certificates contact that State’s Vital Records Department).


Proof of Student Residence:  Current residential utility bill, cable/satellite/internet bill, or land line phone bill not more than one month old; residential rental, lease or mortgage document; or insurance or tax documents that include parent/guardian name and address.


If your student’s home address is not within the boundaries of the Ellensburg School District, you will be required to complete a Nonresident Student Transfer Request for consideration.  Please visit OSPI’s Choice Transfer Portal at to submit your request.   If you have any questions, please contact Amy Mills, Administrative Assistant, by telephone at (509) 925-8021; or by email at


Proof of Compliance With Immunization Requirements:  Certificate of Immunization Status Form signed by a physician.


You can submit the documents to the District by uploading them in the portal during the enrollment application process, or submit hard copies as follows:

Elementary School application:  Fax to (509) 925-8050, or email to Liz Holmes, Registrar - at

Morgan Middle School application: Fax to (509) 925-8202 or email to Laurie Sloan, Registrar - at

Ellensburg High School application: Fax to (509) 925-8305 or email to Berna Zacharias, Registrar - at

K-12 ALE Program application: Fax to (509) 925-8305 or email to Kali Davenport, Registrar - at


Please click the link below to access our Ellensburg Student Enrollment portal to submit your student’s enrollment application:

Ellensburg Student Enrollment Portal

If you have questions about the current process or general questions regarding enrollment please contact Amy Mills at 509-925-8021 or email